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Just When You Thought It Was Safe ....


  From Your Webmistress #2

Here's a favorite Halloween costume of mine - from the late '70s.   This picture was taken on a relaxing afternoon on our boat, with the Kings.  That's Dennie, blissfully unaware of imminent danger.  I'm the one on the right with the big teeth..... Jeri 




Thanks to the ever-helpful John Mauger (Cowboy #1) for sharing this priceless moment from 1950 with Signal Hill in the background.  Cowboy #2, center, is our very own Roger Wyatt.  It appears as though Roger is dressed for some serious rootin-tootin cowboy action. This here town may not be big enough fer the both of 'em.

Who are these clowns???

(Where are the clowns? ... There ought to be clowns...)



This newspaper picture reveals the identity of the clowns.




Maurene Toppen submitted this very cool picture of the "best costumed" house in her Seal Beach neighborhood. 

-  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 





Sara Erskine Schoenfelder submitted these pictures from June, 1956,
Mr. Hillard's class at Lowell Elementary School.


In this enactment of early American history (Captain John Smith and Pocahontas),
Larry Moore is about to chop off someone's head
and is being restrained by Carol Hartman.
From Left:  Sue Watts, Bucky Quayle, Larry Burke,
Larry Lieberman, _____, Mike Yancy, and Craig _____.

Thanks to Sue Williams Mortensen for filling in Bucky's last name.


 Far Right Row:  Carolyn Heimburger is second from last.
Front to Back, Middle Row:  Bucky Quayle, Carol Fujikawa, Larry Burke, Sara Erskine, Mike Yancy.
Front to Back, Far Left Row:  Jan Bond, Jimmy Bentley, Fred Lewis, Carol Hansted.

And thanks to Sue Williams Mortensen for supplying Fred Lewis's name


Thanks to Dave Sweet for this "keeper" - Naples Cub Scout Den 2, Pack 105. 
Front row:  Bill Bixby, Norm Bailey, Rich Bjorge.
  Back: Dave Sweet, Bob Knight, Tim Armistead, Robert Miller, Dennis Carlberg, Buzz Wildman.



Many thanks to Roberta Wall for sharing this picture of her 1st grade class at Lowell Elementary.  She supplied the majority of the names, though some are not "fer-sure."  Thanks to other "room monitors" :-) who chimed in with added names and guesses, including  Barry Wood, Mike Hixson, Bob Chrisman, Bob Stahl, Judy Wilson Jones and Paul Kartinen.

Best guesses so far:  (See below for more debate)

Front, from left, unknown, unknown, Herb Solomon, Mike Hixson, Danny Alban, Camille Ratzlaff.

2nd row:  unk, unk, Penny Holmes,  David Blumberg is behind Herb, Paulette Gehrke holding the doll. unknown girl (braids)

3rd row:   Ricky Stowe (striped shirt and closed eyes,) Robby Williams, unk, Barry Wood 

4th row back, from the left, blond boy (unknown), Lee Ann Kinsey, Karen Kline, Adrienne Hurley, Silvia Valera, Bonnie Gallup, Roger Peters, Unknown 

5th row:  Bob Stahl, Barbara Guard, Bobby Post, Alix Epley, unk, Sue Ann Roy, unk.

Last row:  Laurie Kinley, Roberta Wall, unk, Doug Wiley, Cam Kenady, Ken Miller.

(Can you help with more names? ..... Anyone?  Anyone?)

OK, here goes - Karen Kline Sedges is fairly sure that the little boy with folded arms at the far left is Ronnie? Black?  And the little girl after Alix is a Janette or Jeanette.

And then ... we picked Herb Solomon's brain, and came up with the following: The first boy in Row 3 is Ronnie Blackledge.  Also, I think the 'the girl who might be Janette' is Jeannette Alcorn. Not sure, though.... The boy identified as Bob Post is NOT (we just got confirmation of that from Bob himself.)  The guy after Roger Peters may be named Enos.  The girl next to Paulette with braids COULD be named Missy.  Others who may be in the picture are possibly Gary Heinz? Kris Buck?  Nancy Christensen?  CeCe Kimes?  John Parks?  I'm not sure Nancy, Kris, CeCe, and John had joined this class yet.  And I'm pretty sure that's not Ken Miller.

OK, one more positive ID.  From the east coast, Jeannette Alcorn has verified that she is, indeed, third from right in 5th row!  One less mystery to solve.  :-)



A big thank you to John Comings for this picture of 3 familiar Boy Scouts - "Frankie" Hodges, Ron Quintana, and Barry Messer ....

And thank you to Carol York Burke for these two pictures taken at Naples Elementary School.  

May 1955 4th grade class at Naples
Click on picture for larger view.

Carol tells us who she thinks is in the pictures:
As best I remember, we are:

Left row front to back:  Ruth Ann Minter and Buzz Wilder

Middle row front to back:  Bill Boyd, Diana Kirkner, Pam Crabtree, Lonnie Dooley, Sally Deal and Candy Cox

Right row front to back:  Pat Fox & Norm Bailey, Diane Costley & Carol McClure, Dee Dutro, Gretchen Savidge & Bobby Post, Bobbie Sager and Carol York

Miss Dugan's 6th grade class at Naples (1957)
Click on picture for larger version.

Ok, above is Miss Dugan’s 6th grade class of 1957 at Naples Elementary.  I am more fuzzy on these people and some I am guessing on.  Carol York Burke
(some of Carol's blanks have now been filled in.)

Front Row:  Marcia Morrow, Pam Crabtree, Chris Matthews, Joanne Commons, Ruth Ann Minter, Kathy Mashburn, Bobby Post, ?, Rich Bjorke, Norm Bailey, Bill Bixby, Sidney Boelter

2nd Row:  Pat Fox, Karen Mashburn, Dee Dutro, Betty Rounthwaite, David Sweet, Bill Boyd, Mike Kelly, Bob Kalayjian, Bob Knight, Greg Chester, Craig Craigo

3rd Row:  Carol York, Karen Ash, Carol McClure, Barbara Billings, Sandra Smith, Lorinda Elms, Tim Armistead, Bob Gayton, Buzz Wilder, Michael Looney

4th Row:  Gretchen Savidge, ?, Lonnie Dooley, Bobbie Sager, Madeline Tinkler, Pam Townsend, Buffy McDannel, ?, Michael Owen

Back Row:  ?, Diana Kirkner, Candy Cox, Lynne Hoodecheck, Frieda Chaffin,  Bonnie Gallup, Lynn Denczi, Patty Streamer, Dick JonesJerry Gibson, Pat Ryan, Art Carriel

"I know one, I know one, call on me, me! The Sandra next to Lorinda Elms is Sandy Smith." - Jeri

Sue Williams Mortenson believes the first person, front row, is Marcia Morrow.

In the 4th grade photo, the girl sitting to the right of Carol McClure is my first girlfriend, Diane Costley. Buzz’s last name is Wildman. Thanks - Bill Bixby

Hello Back to you,  I located the pictures of the Naples Gang and I can't belive how well the pictures were identified.  The two teachers were Miss Dugan and Bob Jones.  First row ends with Sydney Bolter.

Second row after Bill Boyd is Mike Kelly, Bob Kalajian, Bob Knight, Greg Chester, and Mike Owen.

Third row perfect.

Fourth row after Gretchen is Carol Ivey, then at the end is Brad ?  I think( ring any bells?)

Back row starts with  Carol ( Kathy?) McCallister and ends with Art Carriel. A great group of kids,  David Sweet

Again from Bill Bixby: More thoughts, in the 6th grade photo, Bob Gayton is between Tim and Buzz, Dick Jones is between Patty & Jerry, Craig Craigo is next to Greg Chester, and Michael Owen is behind Craig or in front of Mr. Jones. Thanks

(Received the same day from Dave Sweet) -Oops!,
I forgot to fill in the names in Row three of the Naples School photo.  After Tim Armstead was Bob Gayton, Buzz, then Mike Looney.   Thanks Dave Sweet

Judy Wilson Jones (who didn't even attend Naples but knows everyone in the world) was able to fill in a lot of blanks, so we have redone the captions above to reflect what all we think we know!

Thanks Barbara Duski Fernandez, Buffum 6th Grade, 1957


The following names supplied by Barbara, Buck Norlin, and Gary Hoover.  Best guesses are ...
Front row - Gary Hoover, Jim Henderson
Gary Bartlett,  Richard Yockey, "Paul? " Jack Perry, ?  Mark Dawson, ?
Barbara Duski, Mona McHenry, Shari Wray, ?  Marlene Docking,  Janice Ander
?   ?   Myrtle Blanford  , Susan Harris ?
Larry Peterson, ?  Buck Norlin, Paul Freesmeier, Linda Aguilar, Lynda Mackie
Mike Holden, Richard Hailey?  ?  Rusty McWhorter, John McClelland , Linda Hunter(?)
?  ?  Carole Brennan, ?  Pam Walker, ? ?  Judy Vaughn?  Mary Duckworth?
Teacher was Mr. Ingram.  Thanks guys!  More guesses welcome
Mark Dawson supplied the following:  After Richard Yockey is "Paul" and then Jack Peery.  Pam Walker is in the center of the back row.  And the 2nd girl to the left of the room mother is the room mother's daughter.  Barbara says that was the Principal, Mrs. Hodges, not the Room Mother.  She also added the name Susan Harris.

Jim Hatchell adds..

Jeri….Other names for the Buffum picture from 1957; only person I can identify is Kathleen Montgomery.  

Third row from the top, second from the right is Kathleen Montgomery (dark hair). Missing from the picture:  Jim Hatchell and Paul Freesmeier [ Paul was in the hospital with a serious head injury] Others that I know are there but I can’t identify:  Rick Kellman [Milliken], Richard (Rick) Westberg, Frederick (Fred) King, Richard Moberly and Ron Herlatcher [Milliken].



And thanks to Dennie Hamilton King for this picture of her Fremont Elementary homeboys - Tim Cotter, Drew Ebright, Jon Baverstock and James Reynolds


 Thanks to JoAnne Bauchet Keenan -
Kicking off the guesses
Here is the pic (June 1957). I remember some names - others just first names - some I may have wrong. Front row: ?, Jon Baverstock, Phil Arnold, Larry Smith (or possibly Gary Bartlett, per Richard Yocky,) then Richard Yocky, (Gary Reid thought that was George Yeager?) ?, Mike Deihl, 1/2 person that's probably Bob Arnold
2nd row: Don Menzimer, Diane ?, Anna Christensen, Sherry ?, Linda Blair, JoAnne Bauchet
3rd row: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Donna ?, Vivian Saatjian, ?, Judy Snyder, Donna Senseney, ?, Pam Revo
4th row: Is that you Gary Reid ?, Colin Cook, ?, Mike Nishkian, per Gary Reid, ?
For now,
4/2/11 - Dennie Hamilton King states that is Sherry Graham between Anna and Linda in the 2nd row

Click to enlarge

Thanks to Jim Hatchell for this picture of him and Charlie Arce (in profile) on the day of their First Communion at Our Lady of Refuge.  In the process of sending and getting Charlie's permission to use it, the two old friends reconnected via email.  Good stuff!

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